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Do you want to start working abroad as quickly as possible?

Order a ready company, without wasting time on the process of registering a new company. Amexia Offshore offers a wide range of ready-made companies. Contact us now, order a ready-made company and take advantage of doing business as fast as possible.

A ready-made company is a company established and registered under the legislation of the relevant jurisdiction. Such a company can be transferred to you immediately, and ordering does not take much time and requires only a few steps.

Advantages of ready-made company:

  • you can’t invent the name of the company, it is enough to choose a name from our list of shelf companies;

  • you get the opportunity to start activities and to conclude contracts immediately. Thus, you don’t waste time waiting for the completion of the registration process for the new company;

  • you can participate in bidding on contracts;

  • the possibility of access to investment capital;

  • in certain jurisdictions it may be necessary for the company to function for some time for certain kinds of activities. You will not be limited in such activities having ordered a ready-made company. The length of the company’s existence also positively affects on the level of trus.

  • you can positively influence your business by ordering a ready-made company. The fact of a long stay of the company in business turnover can be useful for the image of the company, relationships with business partners and counterparties;

You can become the owner of a ready-made company simply and quickly with Amexia Offshore.

View our list of Shelf Companies

You only need to select a ready-made company from the proposed list and contact us by e-mail, by phone +44 20 3318 5046 or contact us.

After that you will receive e-mail with questionnaire for filling in order to clarify the features of the order. The order of the shelf company will be completed immediately after receiving and processing the completed questionnaire.


  • Certificate of registration;

  • 4 copies of the Memorandum and the Charter;

  • Free Combined Register including Share Certificates;

  • register of participants;

  • minutes of participants;

  • forms of transfer of shares;

  • Non Trading Certificate;

  • state registration documents.

Amexia Offshore constantly adds information on ready-made companies, so follow the updates of the “Ready-made companies” section to select the right company. The list of ready-made companies is constantly updated by companies with different incorporation dates. We guarantee that all companies are ready to transfer to the new owner, and also have no debts and obligations.

With Amexia Offshore you get fast and quality service. Look at our list of ready-made companies and make your choice today. Acquire a ready company instead of starting from scratch the registration of a new company. Click the order button or contact us by phone or email.