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Players in international trade

There are several categories of people and commercial activities for which the use of an offshore company is relevant:


The creation of an offshore company allows you to start a business without having to set up an expensive infrastructure. An offshore company allows you to benefit from tax advantages and simple management.


Online businesses can use an offshore company to hold a domain name and manage websites. You can choose to base the headquarters of your company in an offshore jurisdiction to take advantage of benefits offered by these courts.


You can run your business as a consultant or adviser to an offshore company. Guests enjoy lean and reduced, or non-existent taxation, depending on the jurisdiction in question.

Possession of movable
and immovable property

An offshore company can be used to hold personal property (such as yachts) and real estate (buildings, houses). In addition to the confidentiality offered, other benefits such as exemption from certain types of taxes (eg. inheritance tax) will be an asset. However, all countries do not allow the acquisition of movable property/real estate through an offshore structure; we will have to check with the relevant authorities before forming the offshore structure in question.

Players in international trade

International trade transactions can be made through an offshore company. It will make the operations of buying and selling. Its gross margin will be taxable or not, depending on the jurisdiction.

The retention of intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights (patents or trademarks) may be registered in the name of an offshore company. The company may also buy or sell such rights. This will enable the granting of rights to other entities against payments as income that will benefit from low taxes or no jurisdiction in which it is registered.


An offshore company is never “dying” (as far as any expenses related to its operation are paid), it can, in some countries, be used as a means of succession, to avoid tax on the estate. The offshore structure may be optionally combined with an Offshore Trust or foundation to maximize the estate.

Stock / forex brokers

Offshore companies are commonly used in stock exchange or on the foreign exchange market. The main reasons being anonymity (the account is opened in the name of the company), and the policy of attractive tax offshore jurisdictions (little or no tax on profits made).