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Wealth management

Maximize your assets, protect your wealth with Amexia Offshore offshore tax advice.

Portfolio Management offshore Large companies and individuals regularly use offshore companies as mediators to hold investment portfolios, which may consist of stock, bonds, cash and a broad range of other investment products. Cash assets which are held by offshore companies can earn deposit interest gross or can be placed in collective cash funds. Many clients prefer life insurance and pension contracts to be arranged by their offshore companies. Individuals often use offshore companies as personal holding companies. Offshore companies are regularly used for inheritance purposes and to decrease probate costs. This kind of companies can provide privacy and can save clients professional and other fees. To decrease risks to both corporations and individuals, it is very important to choose a politically and economically stable corporate residence.

Offshore wealth management Choose of offshore wealth management has many advantages for both corporations and individuals. Corporations and individuals regularly use offshore companies for the ownership and management of investment portfolios.

Offshore wealth management optimized Cash held by these offshore structures occurs interests. Individuals often use offshore structures to organize a succession to reduce tariffs and income taxes. These kind of structures keep the confidentiality of transactions and taxation of all kind of property. We work with banks whose reputation and professionalism are recognized by the international finance world.