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Trust and Trustee Services

In an uncertain world your wealth and assets obviously need protecting. Amexia Offshore is ideally positioned to assist you in creating the structures and framework for achieving this. The mostly used vehicle for asset protection is a trust. A variety of assets can be held in a trust, including immovable assets, stocks and shares, investment products, real and intellectual property, bank deposits and life insurance policies.

The Trust offshore: A heritage of transmission technology The use of the Trust technique can help you organize the transfer of your assets in a particularly efficient manner. It is a contractual agreement (indenture) between two private persons to establish a barrier between the legal owner of an asset and its real beneficiary. This legal instrument used to transfer ownership of real or financial assets to an individual or a legal person – the administrator. The latter was in the custody or management on behalf by third parties. The Administrator shall transfer Trust offshore to the beneficiaries (which could also include the person or company who transferred the covered assets) under the provisions of the trust deed. The powers of the directors are set out in the trust deed and governed by the law of the Trusts offshore jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions, the Trust is governed by customary law.

Assets may be held by a Trust offshore

  • Shares and stocks can be listed or unlisted in the companies;
  • Investment Portfolio;
  • Real and Intellectual property;
  • Bank deposits;
  • Life Insurance Policy underwritten by the Founder;
  • Most other types of property.

Advantages of a Trust offshore

  • Private relationship (like an example, in the
  • Isle of Man offshore trust deeds are not publicly registered);
  • Wealth protection;
  • Entrepreneurs looking for asset protection against potential liability claims;
  • Increasing recognition in important civil law jurisdictions;
  • An essential tool in international income, estate tax planning and capital gains;
  • Used by corporations for employee benefit plans, retirement and stock option schemes, insurance plans and special financing arrangements.

Offshore Trusts solutions for individuals

  • Individuals who want to preserve their wealth against uncertainty;
  • Individuals who want to transfer wealth to their beneficiaries in more tax-efficient manner;
  • Individuals who want to use their estate to maximize the benefits of their wealth for family and others;
  • Individuals who want to transfer wealth to their beneficiaries in accordance with their wishes and not in accordance with the laws of the country where they reside;
  • Individuals who want to consolidate the ownership of assets owned throughout the world in one location;
  • Individuals who want centralized reporting;
  • Individuals who want to minimize or abolish estate taxes arising on the death of the settlor.

Which jurisdiction should be used to set up a trust? Amexia Offshore can set up your Trust in the following countries (this list is non-exhaustive):

  • UK;
  • Jersey;
  • Singapore;
  • Malta;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Switzerland;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Liechtenstein.

The decision of which country to set up a trust in should be based on a number of determining factors depending on the trust’s intended purpose. Depending on the applicable law, a trust may have different specific characteristics.