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Tax Mitigation

If you have income received from a country where you are not resident, you are in danger of being taxed twice on the same income. If you are working abroad in the short or long term, you will also want to ensure that double taxation does not apply. Amexia Offshore consultants can help to ensure that you gain maximum advantage from global tax treaties.

Tax mitigation and tax avoidance are terms used to describe tax planning. Tax migration is pretty different from tax evasion, which is against the law. Tax planning is simply the application of UK tax law to minimize UK tax liabilities for taxpayers. Tax mitigation is a highly specialized area, mainly practiced by firms of tax consultants. Tax planning uses methods which are within the law.

Sometimes tax planning methods are considered by HMRC as acceptable but sometimes not. The acceptability or rejection of HMRC of a particular piece of tax planning does not affect its legality. The border between acceptable and unacceptable tax planning is constantly shifting. HMRC has publicly taken a position against tax avoidance, but the fact is that HMRC is not the final decision maker. Tax mitigation has both moral and political critics. Before deciding to undertake tax mitigation, you must be proud that your conscience will not keep you awake at night!