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Security and anonymity on the Web

The anonymity and security on the web Encryption, archiving of documents, setting up regular backups of customer data in the secure, customer information on the sensitivity of its data and processing to provide sensitive data (encryption, backup, media, archive sensitive documents offshore).

Infrastructure and offshore outsourcing:

  • Establishment of offshore grid infrastructure thanks to our privileged contacts;
  • Ability to handle heavy traffic (10 million + pages / views daily);
  • Infrastructure managed 24/7;
  • Setting up of secure databases;
  • Guarantee of TBF (Time between Failures) of the longest offshore market;
  • Guarantee of a 1-hour maximum and recovery of the service in 3 hours;
  • Work closely with your web developers to check the security of your sales platform.

Encryption, backup and archiving of documents

  • Awareness and training on techniques for encrypting documents;
  • Establishing regular and secure backups of customer data;
  • Customer Information on the sensitivity of their data and processing to provide sensitive data (encryption, backup, media);
  • Archiving of sensitive offshore documents.

Secure communications

  • Establishment of secure email boxes, offshore accommodation;
  • Implementation of secure and reliable communications means fixed, mobile;
  • Establishment of collaborative, secure working tools.

Audits and training

  • The principles of safety;
  • The target audience: managers and employees;
  • Audit requirements in terms of computer organization;
  • Safety audits and implementation of solutions;
  • Assistance of our customers over the time, penetration testing, review of security assistance 24/7;
  • Moving for training on request;
  • Audit of local installation (home office).

Our guarantees

  • A team available to listen to your needs and the issues made offshore;
  • Availability 24/7;
  • Moving in the world;
  • Demonstrated experience on large download platforms.