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Relocation Tax

Tax optimization services for immigrants and expatriates. Amexia Offshore responds to your request relocation.

Relocation and tax optimization: immigrants and expatriates Immigrants and expatriates are an important part of users of international financial services centers, since they are required to reside in another country and thereby to change of tax residence.

The most important advantage to establishing a fund in the Cayman Islands

  • The desire to avoid social instability, economic and political life of their country of residence;
  • The search for a better quality of life;
  • Finding a job abroad;
  • The pursuit of business opportunities;
  • The decline in the tax base.

These cases will increase in the future, since the possibilities of living and working abroad are becoming more affluent and life business is international and is no longer subject to the restrictions of borders domestic and trade. Amexia Offshore responds to your request relocation and tax optimization.