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International trading structures

Tax efficient trading in the procurement and supply of goods and services is the key to the success of many ventures. Through the utilization of certain corporate entities, like the Seychelles or Belize clients are the subject of treaty relief and other mechanisms offering tax reduction benefits. Cross-border and trading activities trading often offer opportunities that go from the growth to tax planning opportunities. Substantial opportunities exist where goods are moving pass the border, or pass multiple borders, and the use of nominee and agency companies can provide appreciable taxation reductions. Once income has been generated there is often the necessity to transfer these incomes to the low tax destination through the use of suitable holding, or fiscally transparent entities, often incorporated in high tax jurisdictions.

Are you a merchant or businessman? Maximize your profits in offshore tax with Amexia Offshore. International purchasing and trading companies often are associated with offshore companies in their trading actions, and often times this is true. International companies optimize their structures because incomes arising from activities involving purchasing goods in one country and selling them in other, cross-border trade, are free from taxation for offshore companies. For example, for activities in the European Union, Cyprus and the Isle of Man have become some of the favorite locations for low tax trading activities.

VAT registration is required within the European Union and that makes our clients questions of minimization of tax to arise. Transferring funds to a low tax jurisdiction gives the opportunity for a company located in a high tax jurisdiction to balance trading losses through a company incorporated in a low tax jurisdiction. Offshore structures may be beneficial in the case of bulk purchasing: a group of associated companies can benefit from the decreased administrative costs and an offshore structure is more tax efficient than an onshore structure. Thanks to Amexia Offshore services you will enjoy the benefits of offshore companies specialized in international trading.

This kind of offshore activities are perfect for players of international trade:

  • Purchase and resale any kind of goods;
  • Perception of commissions on business operations;
  • Benefits from this kind of offshore business transactions are often exempt from taxation.

International company – for who is this kind of structure?

  • Traders;
  • Entrepreneurs carrying import and export operations in other tax residence than their country;
  • Entrepreneurs looking for assets protection against potential liability claims.

The benefits of International Companies:

  • Absence of corporate taxation for companies;
  • Minimal cost of corporate structure creating and managing;
  • Confidentiality, no public data for the international company;
  • No requirement to file company accounts to jurisdiction’s authorities;
  • There is no obligations to audit the accounts of the company;
  • Protection of assets against creditors;
  • Lower bounding of the tax bases for the economic beneficiary.

International corporations – available corporate structures:

  • Mauritius – GBC I
  • Mauritius – GBC II
  • Seychelles – IBC
  • Seychelles – CSL
  • Belize – IBC