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Carrier services offshore

Discover Amexia Offshore services to reduce labor costs and increase incomes of your employees.

Carrier services offshore Many companies utilize the employment of staff on overseas assignments in tax efficient jurisdictions. This can help to reduce the costs associated with payroll and travel expense administration, and may provide a tax and social security saving benefits for the employees. Offshore Companies of professional services are appropriate structures to take advantage of an exemption from charges, to reduce labor costs and take advantage of attractive devices for tax exemption.

What kind of International Company is this? Mainly affected by this type of service are:

  • Expatriates;
  • The service providers;
  • Consultants providing international services;
  • Employees with the employer of a foreign company.

The benefit of using:

Many companies also use offshore jurisdictions to pay salaries to the staff. For these international companies result is a reduction in wage costs. Employees receive higher wages, adequate social protection and savings products because of the benefit of creation of international companies.

The main characteristics of these international companies:

  • The offshore company is exempted from corporate tax;
  • Some countries exempt income, earned by non-residents, tax on their return under certain conditions. (The United Kingdom, for example, does not tax the income, if the taxpayer was a non-tax resident for more than five years);
  • It is a LLC whose ownership is confidential information relating to the companies which are not published in the commercial register of the court.

The benefits of international companies:

  • Lack of corporate tax (0%);
  • A cost of creation and management of minimum corporate structure;
  • Privacy;
  • No requirement to file company accounts to the authorities of the jurisdiction;
  • No obligation to audit the accounts of the company;
  • Protection of assets against creditors.

Lower limited tax bases of economic beneficiary. Lower limited tax bases during repatriation.

International companies – the corporate structures available:

  • Mauritius GBC I;
  • Mauritius GBC II;
  • Seychelles IBC;
  • Seychelles CSL;
  • Belize IBC;
  • British Virgin Islands IBC.