Virtual Office Services

Setting up an operation abroad can be an extensive business. Amexia Offshore is able to offer cost-effective business presence solutions from 20 locations around the world.

International Trading Structures

Maximize your assets, protect your wealth with Amexia Offshore offshore tax advice.

International Investment Structures

Amexia Offshore has the expertise to establish or re-structure the international operations of corporate clients utilizing the world’s double tax treaties.

Holding offshore

Create your offshore company in a few days – consulting, editing, installation with Amexia Offshore Holding Offshore.

Wealth management

Maximize your assets, protect your wealth with Amexia Offshore offshore tax advice.

Yacht Structures

Offshore boat domicile under a flag of your convenience. Discover an offshore solution to your needs with Amexia Offshore.

Intellectual Property

Artists, protect your copyright against taxation with tax solutions for IP industry.

Security and anonymity on the Web

Encryption, archiving of documents, setting up regular backups of customer data in the secure, customer information on the sensitivity of its data and processing to provide sensitive data (encryption, backup, media, archive sensitive documents offshore).

Relocation Tax

Tax optimization services for immigrants and expatriates. Amexia Offshore responds to your request relocation.

Trust and Trustee Services

In an uncertain world your wealth and assets obviously need protecting. Amexia Offshore is ideally positioned to assist you in creating the structures and framework for achieving this.

Personal Service Companies (PSCs)

Clients who engage in the provision of professional services in the construction, engineering, aviation, shipping, computer software, finance and entertainment industries can achieve significant tax saving benefits through the establishment of a personal service company.

Carrier Services Offshore

Discover Amexia Offshore offshore services to reduce labor costs and increase incomes of your employees.

E-Commerce and E-Gambling Solutions

Amexia Offshore has developed specialist expertise in the areas of offshore, e-commerce and e-gambling and regulation offered by the world’s premier jurisdictions.

Tax Mitigation

If you have income received from a country where you are not resident, you are in danger of being taxed twice on the same income. If you are working abroad in the short or long term, you will also want to ensure that double taxation does not apply. Amexia Offshore consultants can help to ensure that you gain maximum advantage from global tax treaties.

Hedge Funds in Cayman Islands

An aggressively regulated portfolio of investments that uses leading investment strategies such as leveraged, long, short and derivative positions in domestic and international markets with the goal of generating high returns. Hedge funds are often set up as a private investment partnership with a limited number of investors and require a very large initial minimum investment. Investments in hedge funds are illiquid, in case that they require investors keep their money in the fund for a minimum of one year.

Shchengen Visa/Residence permit

Amexia Offshore provides practical and full support in obtaining residence permits in Latvia (A Schengen area member state).