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Incorporation of your offshore company in 5 steps

We create an offshore company for our clients in the following steps:

1To Know You Better
There is nothing more important than communications and written correspondences to any company’s incorporation, in order to reach our common goal. Your decision about the choice of jurisdiction, as well as about the outcome of your project must be thoughtful.
All our communication is saved due to the unique goal to help you in better understanding your needs and activities. It is only afterwards that we will suggest you one or more most appropriate choices.
2A Precise Offer
We make you a precise offer and we remain constantly at your disposal for any further questions.
3Procedure Of Opening An Offshore Bank Account
We are responsible for the entire management of your files, as well as for the opening your bank account at one of our partner banks.
4Procedure Of Opening An Offshore Bank Account
It frequently occurs that banks do not accept some applications. Thanks to our expertise and relationship, we guarantee opening of the bank account in every currency, including bank card and internet access allowing to manage your account on a daily basis.
5We Start Assisting You
We guarantee our support during all procedures related to your offshore company creation, Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, certificates, in the procedures of documents signatures and project planning.
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