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The primary criteria in selecting a jurisdiction are as follows: good infrastructures network, politico-economic balance, awareness, appropriate rights of companies. The jurisdictions we choose include all these parameters. However, it must also take into consideration your location and activities. We often suggest offshore companies in the Seychelles for their advantages: low fees, easy creation of society and guaranteed confidentiality.

This is usually possible, but not all the time. Overall, we are able to provide checkbooks only for non-UK entities and offshore companies. However, most of the banks have removed the checkbook of their banking system. We’ll see very rarely a foreign check accepted on the French territory by a debtor who has no insurance. You have, in any case, the possibility of using your credit card and online banking to achieve all of your payment transactions.

The card user fees (withdrawal, payment) are defined by Visa and / or MasterCard, depending on each country. They can vary from 0.5% for payments to 1% for withdrawals. These fees are independent from the bank, and are only related to ATMs or at selected shops, as well as countries in which you conducted these operations.

You can withdraw between 1,000 and 3,000 Euros daily, according to the Business, Gold or Platinum Card you have.

While opening the account you get Visa card or MasterCard. The 3 regular patterns are also available: Business, Gold, Platinum. Rates are set by Visa and/or MasterCard and are identical to those existing in France. You are able, as well, to open sub-accounts with additional cards for the attention of your partners and associates.

You have the initial option to choose your bank account in Euros or Dollars. Beyond that, all exchangeables currencies are made available.

You do not have to go to the jurisdiction of incorporation or country where bank is required, Amexia Offshore is responsible for all these steps. After the official opening of bank account, we will make you get your financial information confidentially. The chosen bank will transmit directly your Visa / MasterCard and bank online access.

Our quotations are accurate and we handle all the incorporation’s procedures of your offshore company, including costs of creation, head office, the appointment of a Nominee Director, a Nominee Shareholder and issuance of original records.
For documents required for opening a bank account, we check the bank forms to fill out. We are monitoring bank account opening procedures and are the contact of offshore banking to the opening itself. We are always at your disposal for any questions about the banking system, your company, the account activation procedure, and all your offshore approaches.

We have prepared glossary for you and you will certainly find answers to your questions.

The category and the jurisdiction of an offshore company are defined based on your activities and the countries, with which you trade. The direct debit is the physical address of our local contact.

Yes, it is possible.
We are also offering the possibility of opening an additional private account to the bank account at your company name.

You have no obligation to travel to open a bank account. We take care of the entire procedure and the written formalities. However, we are quite able to schedule you an appointment with our banking partners.

We have the ability to open offshore bank accounts in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Cyprus, Dubai, UK, Latvia and Hong Kong, through our network of banking partners.

The Nominee Shareholder is named, in order to avoid any disclosure of the identity of the owner of the company. The appointment of Nominee Shareholder is subject to a formal Declaration of Trust between you and the Nominee Shareholder.

The services of the appointed Nominee Director are used, in order to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality and anonymity. The identity of the Nominee Director is shown in corporate documents, as well as all contracts and commercial register of the chosen jurisdiction.

We will deliver the seal – or the stamp – with the name of your offshore company.

The official declaration towards the URSSAF is the responsibility of the employee of the foreign company. This includes declaring income tax and the employer taxes. However,the payment of wages will be more attractive through an umbrella company.

Yes, it is feasible in the case of non-use. The costs vary between 700 and 1000 Euros, depending on the jurisdiction. The closing will be effective after the liquidation of the bank account, the remaining funds, and the bank’s request for the official closure of the accounts.

Twelve months after the incorporation of the offshore company, we will contact you again, in order to update your offshore company: jurisdiction’s fees and charges, various costs, like headquarters, Nominee Director, Nominee Sharholder and local appointed agent. The numbers for the second period are always indicated in our initial quotation. It is, of course, our duty to communicate with you in due time – around 30 days before the date.

Yes, we will supply a model including information about your company, its registration number and other required formalities, including bank details.

In the field of offshore, there is no accounting, no tax. Within the European Union, we take care of the annual accounts files.

Anonymity consists of the Power of Attorney. It is a strictly confidential file, for which there is no copy. With the bank you choose, you are the only one to get the power on the offshore company in the jurisdiction, and offshore bank accounts.

Only people appointed by you on the Power of Attorney and allowed to sign banking documents.

Yes, you can have it. You even have the possibility to forward it to all kind of numbers and answering machines. Your email box can receive any fax including the attached files. We can make quotation for you, if necessary.

There is no need for a minimum capital in an offshore company. By default, it could be an amount of 50 000 Euros (capital used), but it is not required for the incorporation or later.

Your identity appears only on the Power of Attorney and in the database of the bank.

The Nominee Director signs the Power of Attorney, which is the official document giving the entire responsability of the company. This document allows the bank to identify you as the beneficial owner of the company and the only one to have power on the offshore bank accounts. The shareholders are only represented by you and your partners, but your identity is never published in the statutes, as the shares are carrier or held by the Shareholder Nominee.

There could be a business address to receive mails. However, unless there is a specific request made by you, all banking operations can be made on internet.

You have the possibility to suggest three trade names. Then we run a research with the trade register of the selected jurisdiction, in order to check, if these names are already existing or not. This procedure may take up to 2-3 days.

It is our duty to satisfy our clients. We are sending the information to our local partners in every country, and they are in charge of the entire administrative procedure.

A non-resident company, which does not have to pay taxes, supplies anonymity and confidentiality and does not file accounts is actually an offshore company. However, it requires three main criteria: 1) your company is incorporated in a country out of your nationality; 2) your company is registered in a jurisdiction, where you do not paying taxes; 3) your trading activities with any other companies in the jurisdiction where your have created an offshore company should be officialized.
An onshore company is generally located in a jurisdiction, where taxes is more attractive, like the UK or Latvia. Taxes are levied, accounting is requested, but the adaptability of the tax system is globally profitable for some cases. You may suggest three trade names and we run a research with the local trade register, in order to check their availability, you get the results within 2-3 days.

The minimum amount requested may differ depending on the banks. When you open your account, you will be generally asked to make a minimum deposit of 5 000 Euros for the account, in order to be able to get your credit card and your online access.
No overdraft is permitted. The account runs on demande, i.e. if there are no funds in the accounts, operations are no more allowed.
Yes, you can. You are the only person able to get power over your bank accounts, so you can run any operation you wish.
For an incoming payment, it requires around 24 hours to get your account credited. Outgoing transfers done from your account are mostly connected to a date, which guarantees your recipient a quick payment.
No, there is no border. You are able to make all the transfers from an account to another one worldwide.
You can log on to your online banking system and operate any online transaction. You are also able to forward inquiries by fax, just by entering your ID code. This tool is available in all banking organisations.
It might be related to the jurisdiction of registration of your company. Offshore company and bank are generally in distinct locations. It is globally easier and safer to get your account in Euros – in Europe – without jet lag, to make your transactions (for non-resident offshore account).
As for any other bank, account managers are appointed for each account. You can contact them anytime, by phone, fax and/or email, except HSBC in UK, where all operations are made via your online banking system.
Generally, banks do not cash checks, before a minimum duration of trust of 6 months. It takes two to four weeks to cash a check abroad, and, in case of unpaid, the bank will charge you for the risk taken with the solving of the problem.