Type of entity Private Limited Company
Type of law Common
Shelf company availability Yes
Our time to establish a new company 7 days
Annual fees payable to the government: Tax/Annual Return Filing Fee HKD 250 (Business Registration Fee) HKD 105 (Annual Return Filing Fee)
Corporate Taxation Nil on Foreign Profits
Double taxation treaty access Yes

Share Capital or Equivalent

Standard currency HKD
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up HKD 1
Usual authorised HKD 10,000

Directors or Managers

Minimum number One
Registered Office / Agent Yes
Local required No
Publicly accessible records Yes
Location of meetings Anywhere


Minimum number One
Publicly accessible records Yes
Location of meetings Anywhere

Company Secretary

Required Yes
Local or qualified Yes


Requirement to prepare Yes
Audit requirements Yes
Requirement to file accounts Yes
Publicly accessible accounts No


Requirement to file annual return Yes
Change in domicile permitted No

Presentation of jurisdiction

Hong Kong is the wealthiest city in China and one of the largest business hub of Asia. Home for the highest concentration of fund managers, and banking international institutions, it has served for centuries as a commercial gateway for mainland China. Its history and geopolitical situation have created a fertile ground for the development of one of the most advanced economy with one of the highest and most stable growth.

Hong Kong is more than a great economic performance, it also has one of the most robust, transparent and business friendly judicial framework. Based on Common Law and developed adapting to the circumstances of Hong Kong, the judicial framework has attracted thousands of companies, and has also been ranked the same as one of the most attractive in Asia for foreign-skilled professionals.

Hong Kong’s tax regime is also favorable for companies to grow, with no capital gains tax, no withholding tax, no interest and inheritance tax, nor VAT, and furthermore, foreign-sourced income is not taxed.

Hong Kong is an international hotspot that is well regarded all over the world, it will promote the quality of your relationships with your customers and partners.

Who should choose Hong Kong, and for which activities?


  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Consultants;
  • Stockbrokers.

Which activities?

  • International trade;
  • Inheritance tax purposes;
  • Holding of intellectual property rights (IP);
  • E-Commerce.


Advantages of a company in Hong Kong:

  • Simple tax system with low tax rates, and easy maintenance requirements.
  • Foreign-sourced income is tax-exempt status.
  • An atmosphere of security and trust stand on Hong Kong’s long history of global businesses.
  • No Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities.
  • Strong professional infrastructure.
  • Robust ties with international and mainland China markets.
  • Robust and business friendly banking system.
  • Wide range of offshore services.

Disadvantages of a company in Hong Kong:

  • Annually audit required to obtain income tax exemption.
  • Time Zone difference with Europe and America can be an obstacle for personal level relations.
  • Heavy penalties are imposed for non-compliance with statutory requirements.

How to proceed

To incorporate or purchase a company the following documentation should be provided:

  • A completed application form signed by the company or by the representative;
  • Copy of valid passport;
  • A personal bill, which is less than 3 months old from the date of the application;
  • Payment of our fees.

Note: additional documents may be required depending on the certain offshore bank.

Set-up time: From the moment, we are in possession of all required documents:

  • Incorporation of a company or purchase of an existing company: 3 days;
  • Delivery of the original company documents: 15 days;
  • Offshore Bank: offshore bank account opening: 3 weeks.