Type of entity Corporation
Type of law Common
Shelf company availability Yes
Our time to establish a new company 1 day
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation) CAD 200
Corporate Taxation 10% – 13%
Double taxation treaty access 86 In Force Double Taxation Treaties

Share Capital or Equivalent

Standard currency CAD
Permitted currencies CAD
Minimum paid up CAD 1
Usual authorised CAD 10,000

Directors or Managers

Minimum number One
Local required Yes-Majority must be Canadian Residents
Location of meetings Anywhere
Publicly accessible records Yes

Shareholders or Members

Minimum number One
Publicly accessible records Yes
Location of meetings Anywhere

Company Secretary

Required Yes


Requirement to prepare Yes
Audit requirements Yes
Requirement to file accounts Yes
Publicly accessible accounts No


Requirement to file annual return Yes
Change in domicile permitted Yes

Presentation of jurisdiction

Originally populated by Native Americans, Canada was researched by English and French beginning in the late 15th century. Canada has since transformed in a multicultural hub with the second largest landmass and population of more than 34 million people.

Canada’s economic and technological development has been stimulated by close trade with the United States, large export market of Canada and vice versa. Canada and the US also share similar wealthy and high-tech industrial society with a very similar market-oriented economic system, pattern of production, and rich living standards.

Canada is introduced as a new offshore jurisdiction, but only certain provinces of Canada have a status alike an offshore company with almost non-corporate tax when the business is carried outside Canada.

Who should choose Canadian Company and which activities benefit the most?


  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Consultants;
  • Stockbrokers.

Which activities?

  • International trade;
  • Inheritance tax purposes;
  • Holding of intellectual property rights (IP);
  • Ownership of movable and immovable property;
  • E-Commerce.


Advantages of a company in Canada:

  • Offer the best image for offshore companies as it will not be automatically perceived as a “Tax Haven” Company.
  • No disclosure of beneficial ownership to authorities.

Strong professional infrastructure makes it desirable as a:

  • Trading vehicle for international and Canada trade.
  • Not required submission of accounts to the local government.
  • No VAT applies for services abroad, only for services performed locally are subject to VAT.
  • No minimum capital required to be paid up.

Disadvantages of a company in Canada:

  • For Europeans, its time zone can make dealings difficult on a personal level.

How to proceed

To incorporate or purchase a company the following documentation should be provided:

  • A completed application form signed by the company or by the representative;
  • Copy of valid passport;
  • A personal bill, which is less than 3 months old from the date of the application;
  • Payment of our fees.

Note: additional documents may be required depending on the certain offshore bank.

Set-up time: From the moment, we are in possession of all required documents:

  • Incorporation of a company or purchase of an existing company: 3 days;
  • Delivery of the original company documents: 15 days;
  • Offshore Bank: offshore bank account opening: 3 weeks.