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Regardless of whether you have an offshore company, or are doing business abroad, you can open a personal bank account in an offshore and international bank. The opening of such an account is an excellent opportunity to protect your funds from the risks associated with the economic and political situation in the country of residence, allocate finances for maximum benefit, and ensure the high confidentiality of your data.

By opening a personal bank account you will receive not only qualified service, but also round the clock access to information about available funds on the account. Internet banking and special mobile offers will make the process of account management as convenient and simple as possible.

In case of any questions related to the personal account, you can always rely on the competent support of the bank specialists who will help to solve any problems related to the management and access to the bank account. Banks with whom we cooperate offer each client an individual approach and a wide range of functions.

A personal bank account gives many advantages to its owner. You can have access to your funds all over the world and at any time, order debit cards, credit cards for yourself, or family members, make payments online, pay for goods and services.

You can be sure that your personal bank account is protected from fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Most banks provide the opportunity to register a personal bank account remotely, without physical presence. You only need to provide a package of required documents.

Order a service to create a personal bank account and take advantage of the opportunities for conducting financial transactions, paying bills, making payments and secure and efficient storage of funds.


Low or no taxation
Respect for privacy
The quality of service


Accounts in all
major currencies

Wide range of
MasterCard/Visa cards





  • Notarized copy of passport;

  • Notarized copy of utility bill;

  • Personal CV.